Scientific cooperation between the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Vigilance Center and October University for modern science and Arts (MSA).

Within the context of the plan of the Egyptian pharmaceutical vigilance center to open channels of cooperation with Egyptian universities to support the practice of Pharmacovigilance. A workshop was held for introducing Pharmacovigilance and its applications in the Faculty of Pharmacy - October University for Modern Science and Arts on Saturday, 25 February 2017.

Dr. Hadir Rostom, the Head of the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Vigilance Center, and members of Cairo regional center presented the role of Pharmacovigilance in the drug market and the establishment of the Egyptian Pharmacovigilance center in the presence of Dr. Khairy Abdul Hamid (Head of October University for Modern Sciences and Arts), Dr. Hanan Al-Leithi (Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy - October University for Modern Sciences and Arts)

The workshop was attended by a large number of professors from various departments and about 100 students and pharmacists.

The workshop was a remarkable success and there was a huge interaction from the attendees from the faculty members , students and college graduates